About the wine region

Regarding its size, the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region is medium: 9th in the line of the 22 Hungarian wine regions, but it is one of the best if we talk about attributes. From a winemaker's perspective, this is the home of great possibilities. An unusual, sub-Mediterranean climate rules its grooved hillsides, whilst the varied soil of the unique 'terroirs' that have developed here can produce first class grapes.

As far as types are concerned, this is traditionally a white wine region. First and foremost, the winegrowers pick Riesling, Szürkebarát and Ottonel Muscat.

The region is lovely, enchanting and inviting. On the hillsides 150-200 year old press houses bear witness to the fact that once upon a time every family here was involved in grape cultivation. In the old days they used to say that those who do not go up the hill to prune the grapes, will find themselves in the graveyard by New Year's Eve. Nowadays it is not uncommon to find people who survive the year even without owning a grape in the region, but winemakers believe this is just by chance!




About the grapes

Following regional tradition, we also produce mainly white wines. Our vineyards spread across the slopes of Balatonfüred, Pécsely and Vászoly, over 23 hectares of first class soil in areas with outstanding microclimates. We deal with nine types, of which we naturally consider the Riesling to be the most important because this grape best embodies the character of the region.

Treatment of the grapes conclusively influences the quality of any given year's wine. We wish to produce unique and impeccable wines, which is unimaginable without the perfect raw materials - the perfect grape. Thus we carry out the work of nurturing the vines and the grapes with exceptional care.


About the winery

Our traditional little press houses, built at the foot of the vines, have provided for the family across six generations, but with the increase of the vineyards, their capacity was not enough. Thus we began to work on a new cellar at the beginning of 1997, at the Western border of Balatonfüred, on the Bocsár estate. The investment was completed in 2005 and by it the winery was enhanced by a building to satisfy all our needs.

Koczor Winery
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